A Year to Celebrate with More Depth… Happy Birthday Spring and Summer Babies 😊!

“What do you want for your birthday?”

“I want to go camping! hiking!, or kayaking! That’s all I want!”

This is not the conversation between a parent and a five-year-old, this is a conversation between me and the several people who have asked me about my birthday plans this year. You see I was born in the beautiful month of May. Those of us born in the glorious spring months when the flowers are blooming, and the snow is melting are often envied.  What a beautiful time to celebrate a birthday, just when the earth is offering a spectacular command performance of rebirth. However, slam on the breaks because 2020 had other things in mind. This blog is about the new ways of celebrating, new ways that may go on for a longer time than many of us want to even think about–new ways that may lead to beautiful, lasting traditions.

Being born in mid-May makes me a Taurus; an earth sign, stubborn, independent and above all we don’t like change. Change, being a major constant of life, this is hard. Being ruled by Venus, I naturally have passion for many of the gifts nature has to offer all of my senses.

But I cannot whine only for myself here, I must also speak for those born in April, June and possibly July and August as well (Taurus’ are also very fair-minded people and humble😊). Their birthday celebrations will have to be more creative this year than ever as well.

I still want to go camping, and I can, by camping in my own backyard or even set up a tent in my living room.  A big plus here is that I will have hot and cold running water, plumbing and PLENTY of toilet paper. I still want to go hiking but I might not be able to find a state park that is open yet. I can still hike in nearby fields and do come geocaching (article included here) and as for kayaking…I will look forward to that with great anticipation.

Other ideas to consider while celebrating during these times:

A photo safari — Go out and take pictures of whatever catches your eye, and capture it with your lens.

Photo Scavenger hunt — Create a list of photos that would be fun to find and take, such as, a flower, a bug, or a raindrop. Anything that you can think of that will be outside, and be a little bit of a challenge. You can involve friends with this too (social distancing, of course.) Create a list together, and see who can capture the whole list.

We Taurus’ love good food. Try a meal full of new foods!

Have a dance party in your living room. If you live with people, have them join. If not, make it a zoom dance party with your friends and family.

If you have a birthday coming up, or even if you don’t, keep in mind that this day is worth celebrating. The world is upsetting right now. This may not feel like a time to really celebrate much of anything. However, this time is as good as any to celebrate life. To celebrate the fact that we are here to live another year. Although things have come to a stop in many ways, there is still much to look forward to, and life events that will not stop because things are different.

 Whatever normal once was, is no longer. Let’s make a new normal. Make new traditions. Make the best of the situation we are in. Do not stop celebrating.



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