Self-Care Series: 40-Day Challenge (Day-15)

In this video we get to see Watson (our amazing dog❤️), doing what comes naturally to all of us; sleeping. So many people try to escape sleep, claiming that they “don’t need it..”, “it’s a waste of time”, or “I can get by on a few hours of sleep a night”.  These are all dangerous statements. Researchers are finding sleep is critical to keeping us healthy. We should get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is not something you can catch up on, on the weekends; it doesn’t work that way. Sleep helps our body and mind to repair itself from the ravages of the day.

A few tips for falling asleep:

  • Don’t exercise right before bed time.
  • Of course no caffeine from dinner on.
  • Stop using electronic devices 2 hours before bed.
  • Sleep in a cool room.
  • If you have a device that plays calming sounds use it, I love thunderstorms.
  • Read a book (not on an electronic device).
  • Pray
  • Meditate

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