Self-Care Series: 40-Day Challenge (Day-26)

My long awaited cinnamon broom and pine cones are finally in the stores again.  These fall treasures not only conjure up great Memories of fall in Pennsylvania but I also find the smell relaxing .


Aroma therapy has many health benefits for our mind body and spirit. Aroma therapy has been shown to reduce stress and has been used holistically since the days of Hippocrates 460-375 BC.  You’re sense of smell is  most closely linked to your past memories than any other sense. Aromas can also change our mood in an instant.  We can distinguish between more than one trillions smells. 


The benefits of aroma therapy have become popular once again with essential oils being one of the top vehicles into our olfactory bulbs. Of course there are scented candles, potpourri and incense as well. 


What are some common scents that can be used for self-care?


Lavender- encourages feelings of contentment. Lavender can also improve memory and learning. It is a great stress reducer. 


Rosemary- this amazing herb’s scent has proven to reduce cortisol levels (the hormone most damaging in the stress response over time),. 


The smell of Lemon- can boost your mood. 


Cinnamon is also good for memory.


Peppermint- increase alertness best for students when they are taking a test. And it keeps pesky squirrels out of your engine. 


Think of warm comforting childhood memories, I’ll bet there was a smell involved. 

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