Self-Care Series: 40-Day Challenge (Day-29)

Blues Clues

I love what Nickelodeon did with Steve from Blues Clues.  Steve came back to see his “old friends,” and tell them how much he appreciated them. He thanked them for helping him be who he is today and he rounded it up by telling them how good they all looked. The feedback on this was huge. A generation of now 20 somethings and their parents watched Blue and all of his household friends solve clues each day. When we  look back on TV shows that became iconic, defined a generation or left wonderful memories we are dipping into that beautiful world of nostalgia. Nostalgia helps to keep our past alive in the present, it harkens us to simpler times and we sure do need that now. What are some TV shows or music that send you floating back to “simpler times? Dust off your old pictures and record albums we need these memories now more than ever. 

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