Self-Care Series: 40-Day Challenge (Day-6)

Bible Study

I have been in many Bible studies in my life and loved most of them but it was not until I started reading the Bible by myself that it became personal to me. I love to read the stories in the Bible and “meet,” the people with whom I can often relate to even in some small degree. Several years ago I was reading Psalm 1 and could actually see it depicted in my head, so I grabbed some colored pencils and my roll of colored pencils and drew it. It took me a while to get it right but I have to say it was very meditative and I looked forward to doing it each day.  From there I went to other books in the Bible and started doing the same thing. For me this was a way of gaining a deeper understanding of what I was reading. Give it a try or find another creative way of studying g God’s Word. Have fun and enjoy that, “peace that passes understanding,” in the process.

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