Self-Care Series: 40-Day Challenge (Day-35)

This is my favorite topic of all times; this is the only thing we have control over……our attitude, yup that’s right!!!


Make sure you allow at least an hour in the morning to begin your day on the right side. When you get up in the morning think of what you are grateful for and meditate in these things, (no matter how low life seems at the time). Follow a strict morning routine including making your bed. Don’t look at your cell phone, lap top, tablet, computer or any other electronic device for the first hour. Begin your day with prayer and spiritually affirming reading. Yes you may have to get up earlier to fit this all in but it is so worth it. If you have children who are awake early, let them join in it’s a great habit for them to learn. 


Throughout the day focus on the positives. 


Before bed, think of how you have grown throughout the day. If you cannot think of anything you have learned during the day; look up a new word and use it in a sentence. 


Remember your attitude is up to you. 

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